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Re: New JD CD

Hi Jon,
I am a programmer at WFHB, the community radio station in Bloomington, 
Indiana (and also a guitarist, Berklee '77).  We are consistently ranked 
as the best station in Bloomington, the home of Indiana University.  I 
invite you to visit our website and listen in on Real Audio (see info 

On my show I have featured a number of Alchemy releases including your own 
"Silent Extinction", Robby Aceto's "Code" and Gary Willis' "Bent" as well 
as his previous release, the title of which escapes me right now.  I have 
had to purchase all the aforementioned CD's, as we don't get much from 
Alchemy (although we did receive a copy of "Code").  

I'm hoping I can persuade you to send a copy of your new release to me, 
c/o the station.  I will then write a short review (I promise to make it 
favorable!) and submit it to the station.  While every show on WFHB 
reflects the musical taste of that show's host, I can think of a few other 
programmers who will almost surely give you airplay.  

If you are interested, please send your CD to: 

Steve Delgado, c/o WFHB
P.O. Box 1973 
Bloomington, IN 47402

In addition, it would be great if we could regularly receive new releases 
from Alchemy. 
Again, I invite you to give me a listen sometime; I think you'll like the 
show.  Thanks very much,

Steve Delgado
(a.k.a. "Chino", host of the Tuesday Afternoon Mix, WFHB).
For the very best in cutting-edge music tune in to The Tuesday
Afternoon Mix every Tuesday afternoon from 3 to 5:30p.m. EST (NOT DST)
on WFHB, community radio for Bloomington, Indiana.
Now broadcasting to the world at www.wfhb.net, or visit our
website at www.wfhb.org and follow the links.   

On Wed, 21 Apr 99 07:34:41 -   jdurant wrote:
>Hi All-
>Just a quick shameless plug for my new CD, Anatomy of a Wish. This CD is 
>the logical follow-up to Silent Extinction, only (IMO) better. (I know, 
>of course you think it's better...) 
>Anatomy of a Wish features JD on guitar and cloud guitars (loopage), 
>Vinny Sabatino (of Boston's Night Shift and Universal Language) on 
>Percussion and Drums; Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson/Etc.) on 
>Electric Upright Bass, Stick, and Electric Bass; and Michael Manring on 
>Fretless Bass on one track. The CD was mastered by the master hisself, 
>David Torn.
>You can check it out at www.alchemyrecords.com or call at 1-800-292-6932. 
>(Audio smaples *should* be up later today...)
>It will be in stores mid-may, but it's available direct now.
>There. Shameless plug over now.
>Jon Durant

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