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Re: Notes on my Akai Headrush

> Loop Recording:
> The Headrush can record a single loop up to 23.8 seconds long or an
> overdubbed loop up to 11.9 seconds.

pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is "overdubbed looping"? is it what 
sounds like? layering more than one loop on top of each other? and, if so,
how many will it do at once?

> Normal Echo:
> The maximum tap tempo delay time is 23.8. Again, the left switch 
> the function and the right switch is used to determine delay time. Click
> once then click a second time. The time between clicks is your delay 
> There are course and fine Time dials to manually manipulate delay time. 
> sound quality is pretty good. The sampling rate and resolution are the 
> for all three functions: sampling rate = 44.1 kHZ; resolution = 16 bit.

two questions: how well does the tempo tap react? i had a boss DD-5, and
it's tempo input was squirrly at *best* and can you rate the akai's sound
quality compared to, say, a boss DD-3 or -5? or a quadraverb's delay? back
when i *didn't* have 2 analog delays, i went looking for a tape echo
simulator, and one of the ones i tried was this little korg box. at first,
it looked great, but when i actually *listened* to it, i was horrified. 
with the zoom 508 - can you say "lo-fi"? (and *not* in the good, flying
saucer attack / pavement / guided by voices way...)

> Tape Echo:
> Maximum delay time in the Tape Echo mode is only 5.9 seconds which kind 
> sucks but I'm not complaining.

yes you are, you just did! :) remember, the longest tape echo unit only hit
400ms or so... maybe there was an uber-echoplex that hit 500ms, but the 
common one (the roland space echo - ah, the holy grail!) never hit 400ms, 
5.9sec. seems overkill to me... besides, most people never need more than
1.5sec. of delay until you start looping... shit, i don't need more than
300ms myself!

i wonder if you can add more memory or replace the stock memory with a
bigger chip...  just curious... ;)

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