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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #163

I am not sure why you are so angry.  You should be flaming me, not Doug.
I'm curious: for what apps do you use your 808?  By what degree has it
helped you sell your music?


Just for note: I and most musicians I know well notice the difference
between sound w/w/o a 21KHz ceiling.

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Mike George wrote:

> You know what is amazing? People who claim to hear RDAC
> compression...you people need fresh air, you been in too long, maybe
> after 1000 bounces you can hear it...maybe...if you bounce that much its
> likely you are and indecisive person anyway.  The SP 808 is a WEAPON,
> not a sampler!!! and for the money it is the big dawg.  I bet Doug can
> also hear sounds above 21Khz...LMAO and I also bet he is one of them I
> can tell the difference between 24 bit and 18 it and so on...BUT LET ME
> DELIBERATE YOU...A cd is only 16 bit so go take a healthy dump...eat a
> candybar...get a hug and a role model and be happy...life is too short
> lived to e sooooo anal man.
> The Heretik 777