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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #163

You know what is amazing? People who claim to hear RDAC
compression...you people need fresh air, you been in too long, maybe
after 1000 bounces you can hear it...maybe...if you bounce that much its
likely you are and indecisive person anyway.  The SP 808 is a WEAPON,
not a sampler!!! and for the money it is the big dawg.  I bet Doug can
also hear sounds above 21Khz...LMAO and I also bet he is one of them I
can tell the difference between 24 bit and 18 it and so on...BUT LET ME
DELIBERATE YOU...A cd is only 16 bit so go take a healthy dump...eat a
candybar...get a hug and a role model and be happy...life is too short
lived to e sooooo anal man.

The Heretik 777