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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #163

Yo, Mike!  

Before you flame anybody, perhaps you ought to check out who said what.  
Doug (That's me, in case you can't pull your eyes up to the FROM line) 
never said a damn thing about being able to hear RDAC compression.  I 
don't need fresh air, but if compressed audio gets you that upset at a 
total stranger, perhaps you need to give your hand a rest and get up from 
your computer.  I have consistantly spoken up on this list against such 
absurd claims as bit depth differences, which is by and large a marketing 
tool of the companies looking to get people to replace perfectly good 
gear with the latest and greatest.  

Much as I hate to admit it, Mike, we probably have a lot mor in common, 
except perhaps the fact that I have a sense of humor (read "I've not been 
unimpressed with the performance or sound of the SP-808.")  That means 
that I rather like the beast, Mike.  I also said, "I'd be hard pressed to 
fault the 808's sound quality."  The rest of what I said was an attempt 
to get out of Neal Trembath (the poster who said he had a problem with 
the 808's compression) exactly what he was hearing that he didn't like in 
the 808's sound without comming of like a complete know it all ass hole, 
which is unfortunatly how you've come off, Mike.  

I value the Loopers-Delight list as an open form for discussion of broad 
ideas related to looping, and have completly enjoyed recent threads, even 
if I haven't posted a great deal as of late.  I piped up only to enquire 
what Mr. Trembath ment by his post, and to point out that the 808 did 
indeed have the hard disk support for which he was wishing.  For this I 
get attacked?  

Take some of your own advice:  Stop being so anal.  You are far from the 
only person on this list with a valed opinion.  If somebody says 
something you don't agree with, how about a little charity.  You can eat, 
shit and hug whomever you damn well like, and check out who said what 
prior to posting to the entire list and making a complete ass of 
yourself, as clearly you have now.

usually a whole lot nicer,


P.S.  Mike, here's a primer:  You authored the absurdities below.

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>From:        Mike George, HERETIK777@webtv.net
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>You know what is amazing? People who claim to hear RDAC
>compression...you people need fresh air, you been in too long, maybe
>after 1000 bounces you can hear it...maybe...if you bounce that much its
>likely you are and indecisive person anyway.  The SP 808 is a WEAPON,
>not a sampler!!! and for the money it is the big dawg.  I bet Doug can
>also hear sounds above 21Khz...LMAO and I also bet he is one of them I
>can tell the difference between 24 bit and 18 it and so on...BUT LET ME
>DELIBERATE YOU...A cd is only 16 bit so go take a healthy dump...eat a
>candybar...get a hug and a role model and be happy...life is too short
>lived to e sooooo anal man.
>The Heretik 777