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Re: Kyma

Thanks very much for your helpful comments on Kyma's looping capability.
I have a few more Kyma questions to ask you, unrelated to looping. I'll 
ask you off-list.

John Altman wrote:
> At 4:23 PM -0500 4/16/99, Michael Preston wrote:
> >Is anyone out there familiar with the Kyma/Capybara system by Symbolic
> >Sound Corp?
> I've only had mine for two weeks, still diligently working through the
> tutorial at this point
> >If so, can it be made to loop in interesting ways?
> Oh yes indeed! Even with the basic system (4 DSPs, 96 Mb of sample RAM) 
> looks very promising. I've modified a few of the examples using multiple
> "Delay w/ Feedback" modules and can't believe what I got. Don't entirely
> understand *why* I got it either, but that's indicative of my learner
> status. Inputs can be sampled loops on your HD or live audio from other
> devices, or both. Performance control can be done with a fader box like 
> Peavey 1600x or anything else you've got that can send MIDI CCs. This
> includes triggering, recording to disk on the fly, mixing, morphing, 
> etc.
> To compare it to a mature, well-designed, but more narrowly-focused 
> like the EDP, it's clear already that Kyma is serious DIY with a
> significant learning curve (especially for the math-challenged like me),
> but having said that you can do just about anything you can imagine with
> it. Get the free sample CD and/or purchase the manual for, I think, $40
> (can be applied to later purchase) before you plunge.
> John
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