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Could you elaborate.  I've used a lot of high end samplers in my time and 
I've not been unimpressed with the performance or sound of the SP-808.  
Considering it's market, I'd be hard pressed to fault the 808's sound 
quality.  (Most of the Drum & Bass projucts, and the like that I've been 
involved in have relied on decidedly gritty, low-fi sounds.)  Perhaps my 
ears have become less selective in regards to this type of production 
over the years.

You should also be aware that the 808 is available as the 808pro (I've 
used one on a couple of projects.  It is available from the factory, or 
as an upgrade and adds SCSI and S/PDIF I/O. . . So, you could use any 
hard disk for off-line sample storage. FWIW.


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>I liked the 808 too, until I heard it.  A little compression problem (like
>the mini disc).  Perhaps also if Roland allowed hd instead of ZIP disk.