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Re: Kyma

At 4:23 PM -0500 4/16/99, Michael Preston wrote:

>Is anyone out there familiar with the Kyma/Capybara system by Symbolic
>Sound Corp?

I've only had mine for two weeks, still diligently working through the
tutorial at this point

>If so, can it be made to loop in interesting ways?

Oh yes indeed! Even with the basic system (4 DSPs, 96 Mb of sample RAM) it
looks very promising. I've modified a few of the examples using multiple
"Delay w/ Feedback" modules and can't believe what I got. Don't entirely
understand *why* I got it either, but that's indicative of my learner
status. Inputs can be sampled loops on your HD or live audio from other
devices, or both. Performance control can be done with a fader box like the
Peavey 1600x or anything else you've got that can send MIDI CCs. This
includes triggering, recording to disk on the fly, mixing, morphing, etc.,

To compare it to a mature, well-designed, but more narrowly-focused device
like the EDP, it's clear already that Kyma is serious DIY with a
significant learning curve (especially for the math-challenged like me),
but having said that you can do just about anything you can imagine with
it. Get the free sample CD and/or purchase the manual for, I think, $40
(can be applied to later purchase) before you plunge.



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