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Re: error correction

Interesting thread...

there's actually a disc out on Vinyl Communications records called "Disc" 
that's someone's tracks using a distressed cd player, so all you get is 
skipping of a disc. Interesting for about 2 minutes.....

Although I've rued the day that I didn't have a tape recorder hooked up to 
record the skipping of a friends disc player... it was playing Kyuss' 
for the Red Sun" and one track kept skipping at around 1min 50 to 1min 54 
seconds, stuttering back and forth between this 1/2 of a bar, but it 
WORKED!!!! It sounded so good...

Another night, listening to Miles Davis' "On The Corner" on vinyl, talking 
with a friend, I realized that it wasn't just comping, there was a four 
phrase that had been skipping, with a perfect loop point, for about 25 
minutes before we noticed....... 

- Crossedout@aol.com