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Toy I Tried

I tried a Digitech Space Station yesterday.

What a cool box.  The first 9 presets are variants of the vaunted string
pad swell.  Amazing sounding stuff.  One of the presets sounds EXACTLY 
like the string pad effect Allan Holdsworth got on the orchestral inter-
lude on "The Un-Merry Go Round."

Another patch sounds like an Oberheim OB-X, some others have variants
with octave above and octave below with delay.  Very nice.

The next batch of effects are pedal controlled envelope and ring-mod
variants.  Some really bizzarre chalky, metallic textures can be

Another set has some sample and hold fx (ala Zappa's "Ship Ahoy" from
the "Shut Up and Play" series)..

Some of the other fx defy description.  This thing through a Lexicon
Vortex would be seriously cool.

I'm definetely going to attempt getting one, it's inexpensive and it
is made mostly of metal and while it has some patches that some might
find odd, it's a pretty cool unit.

I handed the guitar I was using to a kid to try out and the stuff he
was doing made me laugh it was so strange.