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Re: error correction

When I worked at Apple Computer we actually tested microwaved CDs and 
CDRs in Apple's CD-ROM drives.  They didn't work.  I believe that was 
after a beer bust.

Also, I read somewhere about a guy who disables the muting function of 
his CD players so he can listen to the sound while the laser skips 
tracks.  He said it was beautiful but I have my doubts.

4/13/99 11:42 PM   Kim Flint (kflint@annihilist.com) wrote:

>A guy I knew then who did this weird college radio show suggested
>microwaving the cds. I guess it makes lots of sparks before the plastic
>around the disk shatters, leaving spider webs of lines all over the cd
>surface. Probably that wreaks havoc on the poor cd laser. Never tried that
>one, as I would surely starve to death if I blew up the microwave.

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