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Re: odd edp problem

andy@harmonixmusic.com (Andy McGraw) wrote:
> It took quite a long time before I figured out the source of the 
> Apparently, while making loops and sitting (turning, shifting) on my 
> drum throne I generate quite a static charge between my ass and the 
> .....
> Has anyone else experienced a problem like this.  Does anyone have any 
> solutions other than putting a plastic bag around my drum throne seat?

I haven't run into this but as a solution I would suggest trying to ground
your drum throne.  That probably wont work.  So your next step is to
place something well grounded neaby that you can touch before you touch
any of your gear.  That should discharge you.  Another idea would be to
get one of those static discharge straps that electronics technicians
wear.  These are usually worn around the wrist but you could wear it on
your ankle - just make sure that it contacts your skin.  Attached to the
strap is a wire with a clip on the other end.  The wire is usually attached
to the strap with a push-on snap.

You attach the clip to a good earth ground and snap the other end to the
strap wrapped around your ankle.  That should keep static from building up.
And hopefully wont impede your freedom of motion too much.