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odd edp problem

I have been having an odd problem with my echoplex where the sample dies 
very gradually, being covered with an ever increasing digital 
distortion/feedback sound. Yes, the feedback knob is all the way to the 

It took quite a long time before I figured out the source of the problem. 
Apparently, while making loops and sitting (turning, shifting) on my fuzzy 
drum throne I generate quite a static charge between my ass and the seat. 
 Usually at some point in the recording process I stand up to change 
effects, play turntables etc. and the static discharges,  the echoplex 
picks it up (even though its nearly inaudible through the phones).  This 
charge seems to be somehow messing with the simms. I tested my four simms 
individually and they all act the same. I have all the gear running 
grounded outlets, and the echoplex is only sitting next to a sampler, not 
in a rack.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this.  Does anyone have any 
solutions other than putting a plastic bag around my drum throne seat?


Andy McGraw
Harmonix Music Systems, INC.
Cambridge, MA
617.491.6144 ext. 105