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Re: odd edp problem

I'd be extremely careful, here.  The ground-strap-on-the-ankle will solve
any static problem but touching badly wired equipment may become fatal.
Touch a "hot" mic, for example, and you've got a great current path through
your heart.  That's a bad thing.  Very bad.

Dennis Leas
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Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: odd edp problem

>andy@harmonixmusic.com (Andy McGraw) wrote:
>> It took quite a long time before I figured out the source of the 
>> Apparently, while making loops and sitting (turning, shifting) on my
>> drum throne I generate quite a static charge between my ass and the 
>> .....
>> Has anyone else experienced a problem like this.  Does anyone have any
>> solutions other than putting a plastic bag around my drum throne seat?
>I haven't run into this but as a solution I would suggest trying to ground
>your drum throne.  That probably wont work.  So your next step is to
>place something well grounded neaby that you can touch before you touch
>any of your gear.  That should discharge you.  Another idea would be to
>get one of those static discharge straps that electronics technicians
>wear.  These are usually worn around the wrist but you could wear it on
>your ankle - just make sure that it contacts your skin.  Attached to the
>strap is a wire with a clip on the other end.  The wire is usually 
>to the strap with a push-on snap.
>You attach the clip to a good earth ground and snap the other end to the
>strap wrapped around your ankle.  That should keep static from building 
>And hopefully wont impede your freedom of motion too much.