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RE: micro synthesizers

E-H did reissue the Bass Microsynth!

At 08:59 AM 4/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I worked at EH in 1980-83.  I fooled around with the GS, but thought it 
>too fragile and hard to work with.  Getting the same sound twice was a
>matter of luck, really.  But the sound was very sweet.  They should 
>that one with better components and digital control, instead of the
>Microsynth.  Overall, EH looks like they're stuck in the seventies
>hardwarewise.  If any toys needed improvement it was the EH toys.  I still
>got many toys from that time, but they're noisy and I don't like to use
>them.  I think they're cool live, what with all the distortion noise and 
>excitement, but they don't last too long banging around while travelling.
>  My Bass Microsynthesiser was stolen from my car in the early 90s.  I 
>it, though.  It really sounded good on the guitar -- had more range and 
>fuller-sounding.  I wouldn't buy the Microsynth, but wait to see if they
>reissue the Bass Microsynth.
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>I never tried the M.S., but I did own one of EH's 'Guitar Synthesizers', 
>a 3
>rack space, 3 oscillator noise machine that was the Micro's big brother.
>They didn't sell many of these (I bought mine used), and its claim to fame
>was being used on the first ASIA album.
>Dave Eichenberger
>'Future Perfect' - art music
>> Matthew,
>> I am a huge fan of the M.S.  I did not know that there
>> was a reissue availible!  Can you tell me how to get
>> it?
>> DAn

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