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Re: Loop da loop ....

jmw observed:
>Hmmmmm. Has anyone else noticed that threads on this
>list often enter the realm of Mystical introspection?
>Maybe be all those hours of looping have the same
>effect as counting your breath from 1-10 over and over,
>focusing on the Koan "Mu" or repeating the 99 names of Allah.

Your kidding, but it may be true in some way, any serious observations?

When I delivered the LOOP delay material to Keith McMillan (the engineer at
Gibson that "discovered" me in "92 and made the EDP come true), he said:
"We may use your manual, but only after taking out your LOOP religion 
They ended up using nothing of it...
I did not feel any religious about it, but maybe that what fanatics have in

>Of course it could just be the mushrooms...

no, I never ate any "strange" ones...