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Re: micro synthesizers

well, like I said, I have one of the originals. By dad bought it when it
was originally issued and gave it to me in 1989 or so. It took me until
1994 to realize how cool it was. I wouldn't suggest trying to get one
from my dad :)

A friend of mine just got two from a place on the internet. Try using
this search on Altavista or Yahoo:

+"electro harmonix" +"micro synthesizer"


dan sumner wrote:

> Matthew,
> I am a huge fan of the M.S.  I did not know that there
> was a reissue availible!  Can you tell me how to get
> it?
> DAn
> --- "Matthew P. Davignon" <mdavig@sfsu.edu> wrote:
> > Haha I have one of the original micro synthesizers
> > and I've had it all along!
> > With the new ones, it's easier to move the switches
> > but now it has one of those
> > fat electric plugs. The bad thing is...now I have to
> > start doing original stuff
> > again to sound original, instead of just using wierd
> > obscure effects.
> >