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Re: Seeking Cross Delay...

Hi David

>My ennui has been eleviated recently by playing with a charming delay 
>mode on
>my VG-8 that I have totally failed to find emulated anywhere else in my FX
>arsenal---which is surprising, since most of my other gear has a delay 
>that is called something similar to what the V calls it: Cross (or Cross
>Feedback) Delay. On the V, you set up a main delay and a right or left 
>with different times, so you get a sort of rhythm, such as 372ms and 

Hmm, I haven't sniffed this one out of the VG-8. Care to walk me (us)
through it? (Loop content) Bet it would sound extra deluxe layered over a
loop (whew!).

Hasta -> Rico