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Hi Fi Bugs Concerned about Live Performance

Thanks for the many responses regarding my recent post about audience applause during loop performance. I guess my main concern is that the subtlety of quiet passages is often lost in live performance. It seems easy to hold an audiences attention when the sonics are dramatic and bold but when the piece turns towards nuance and minimalism things tend to get sticky. Its almost as if a live audience is uncomfortable with spacial loops to the point of nervous applause. Our greatest successes are when we are playing to an extremely attentive group focused on the sound. This is rare as chatter and external influences always seem to contribute to the sonic landscape. I don't want to come across as a demanding performer but I know the power of our music lies in its wide dynamic range-- delicate textures to corse bold blasts. Is looping too intimate for live settings? Are we too boring visually? I too wish everyone in the audience was wearing headphones. Too much seems to be sacrificed. Perhaps recording is our best direction. Feedback?