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Re: impending footswitch failure?

Those switches come from mouser, http://www.mouser.com. I just took a look
on the site, I think it's part number 103-50211. they cost $1.65 for one.
You might want to check the p/n with Oberheim to be sure. heck, maybe
they'll even send you a replacement. They're very easy to replace in the


>My EDP footpedal record button is recently showing erratic behavior;
>starting another recording when I press to stop, starting another 
>when I release it, or just not starting the instant I press it.  If I'm 
>precise (use my big toe rather than my foot!) it's usually normal.  Since
>this is irregular behavior, I'm assuming my parameters are unchanged and
>okay.  I'm wondering if the switch is starting to fail (the unit is less
>than a year old).  If so, can I repair or replace the switch?   Thanks in
>advance for any suggestions.                                        Grover

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