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Re: impending footswitch failure?

Hello, Grover!  I had the RECORD button fail on me as well.  Of course, it 
happened the 
night before my first looper performance. :)  I replaced the button with a 
"taller" one as that was the only replacement I could find on short notice 
(I went to 
Radio Shack).  It turns out that I LIKE the "unmatched" RECORD button 
better that the 
original.  I find it easier to use and locate, sort of like those bumps on 
the 'G' and 
'H' keys (or 'F' and 'J' keys) on a computer keyboard.  I recommend trying 
the larger 
size, perhaps while you're waiting on an identical replacement from 
Mouser.  You'll 
probably need a couple of washers as the original button uses quite a 
large diameter 
mounting hole.

- Dennis Leas