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Re: EDP reverse looping

At 11:31 AM -0800 11/25/98, Steven Barnes wrote:
>OK, got my Echoplex, thanks to the group buy...
>After hearing a cool drone project, I wanted to try a reverse delay.  
>seem to be a way to do this on the Echoplex.  I can reverse the loop, but
>then my
>overdubs are not reversed.

not sure exactly what you're looking for, but to me it's perfect that the
overdubs don't get reversed. That way you can get overdubs going both
directions! you're coming and going and going and coming....

Some other reverse tricks I've found:

(set insert mode to reverse, so you always have it convenient on the 

- End a record by tapping reverse instead of tapping record again. What you
just played immediately goes backwards. Especially cool with sounds that
are percussive with a long sustain, like piano or guitar chords, but you
knew that.

- Do the same above, but set feedback to 0. Then it only plays once for a
cool, quick forward-reverse effect. Anytime you want to do another one,
just do the record-reverse sequence again. Nice because you don't have to
setup any loop length ahead of time or anything. Whenever you want it,
whatever length, it's right there. Easy to keep things in rhythm too.

- Do the same, except turn mix all the way to loop. The you just get the
backwards part, for those instant look-ma-I'm-jimi tricks.

- record a loop length, put feedback at 0. leave overdub on. play stuff,
tap reverse. play stuff, tap reverse, etc. Easier than the record-reverse
approach above in that it only takes one press, when you finish a phrase.
you have to be a bit careful though, since it's easy to end up leaving
something in the loop somewhere, which is likely to suddenly pop up again
when you don't expect it. I find I can keep things under control if I stop
playing right as I tap reverse. However, if you're not trying to keep
things under control, you can go pretty nutty this way. Try leaving
feedback up some, get really crazy...

Also, I always find that backwards reverb sounds kinda crappy. Good idea to
run dry for the reverse stuff, maybe put the reverb after the loops. Unless
you like the sound of crappy backwards reverb, of course...

>It also seems as if once I reverse the loop, I cannot undo any overdubs 
>before the reversal.

yeah, you can't undo anything prior to a reverse. It's a bummer, but
programming that was just way too hard/impossible with a simple processor.
The undo/reverse combo takes some serious memory management! You have to
work around that one, I'm afraid.

>BTW, I'm having problems in general with getting my overdubs and undos to 
>to the cycle correctly.  I usually get a little snippet of the overdub 
>in the loop after
>an undo.  Any tips would be appreciated.  (Having the EDP count down the
>time the loop would be extremely useful in this regard)

pay attention to where the startpoints of the loop are, note the stuff I
said about undo in the other mail, and practice with it some. You'll get
the hang of it. Or you could apply the
clear-cutting/stripmining/carpet-bombing method of undo use, where anytime
you think you want to take something out, just whack undo repeatedly to be
sure you got it. :-)


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