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Re: Bass loopage

In a message dated 11/11/98 10:50:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

>  various props. Another bassist that I have jammed with who does this 
>  of thing is Stacey Starkweather of Burlington VT. He is well worth 
>  out on all levels. We have a duet we call Bak-O-Bass that reaches all 
>  of outer realms. Most folks who hear it have no idea that it is bass.

Hey Edwin,

Just moved (back) to this area--if only temporarily--and would love to hear
some of this stuff.  Where/when do you guys play?

As i recall, it was Stacey Starkweather who lent David Torn and Echoplex
(the old tape kind) for the Polytown sessions back in '93.  I have heard
some of his recordings, and have been impressed.

Are there any other rural New England/Vermont type loopers out there
doing their dope thing in these crazy woods?

'Til next time,
pete k.