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Re: Bass loopage

I also play something similar with my bass and my Boomerang.  There are a
bunch of different tricks I've used.  I like doing a low loop, dropping
the speed to half (to drop everything down) and then solo on top of it.  I
do the same in reverse also (record at half speed and then speed it up).
I also like to switch instruments.  I'll drop something into the loop with
my normal bass (or cello) and then add stuff into the loop with my 8
string or fretless, but that kind of stuff is a pain live, I mostly do it
in the studio.

hopes it gives you some ideas....


> How many bass players are there out there kicking out the dope loops,
> yo?
> I just started playing bass with this dreampop band called Aerial Love
> Feed (sounds kind of like Lush covering My Bloody Valentine songs with
> Will Hegge on bass and Dave Grohl on drums.
> Anyhow, anyone have any tips on keeping the sound on the loops clear?  I
> would imagine my bass rig would make many cringe-  here it is:
> '69 Fender Musicmaster bass
> Trainor YB4 bass amp with the hole in the speaker big enough to fit two
> fingers into
> a rotating array of pedals including but not limited to
> MXR microamp
> Small Stone Phaser
> Boss PS-3 pitchshifter/delay
> Big Muff.
> I'm worried the tone might get a little muddy.  Any thoughts?
> Plus: when looping bass, how do you build your loops? Do you start with
> a high rhythmic figure, with a shifting bassline underneath?  A solid
> bassline loop and countermelody on top?
> tdb
> --
> Would you like fries with that?