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Re: Bass loopage

>In a message dated 11/11/98 10:50:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
>>  various props. Another bassist that I have jammed with who does this 
>>  of thing is Stacey Starkweather of Burlington VT. He is well worth 
>>  out on all levels. We have a duet we call Bak-O-Bass that reaches all 
>>  of outer realms. Most folks who hear it have no idea that it is bass.
>Hey Edwin,
>Just moved (back) to this area--if only temporarily--and would love to 
>some of this stuff.  Where/when do you guys play?
>As i recall, it was Stacey Starkweather who lent David Torn and Echoplex
>(the old tape kind) for the Polytown sessions back in '93.  I have heard
>some of his recordings, and have been impressed.
>Are there any other rural New England/Vermont type loopers out there
>doing their dope thing in these crazy woods?
>'Til next time,
>pete k.

Actually, I now live in Boulder CO. We don't get to see each other that
often. Stacey is apparently doing some kind of noise trio in Burlington. I
will be doing some looping at Penny Lane here in Boulder next Wed (18th) as
well as some electric bass/cello classical duets. Some of my work with
Stacey is recorded and if anyone wants to hear it, I can arrange to get it
to you. There is also a 6 minute collage from it and some backwards Shockra
(my old band from Boston) on the CD I did with Skin (my old band from

All the best, All the best, All the best, All the best, All the best, All
the best, All the best, All the best.......

PS I also have a tape of collected stuff I did in the 80s (with what I
guess would be manual looping ie. 1/4" tape and a razor blade!) that has
another Burlington luminary, Mike Gordon doing some subharmonic poetry.
It's called Fat Pig.

Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO