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Re: Black boxes,, The Curse Called MIDI...

> >I just get antsy with such generalizations, i guess. Who exactly
> >MIDI as the catch all that would do everything including read our minds
> >500 GHz ??? It seems any performance short of that deems it worthy of
> >trash heap.
> I think you expressed this point before, Andre. Then, as now, I think you
> are on a tangent to the actual discussion. 

so.... am i to not re-establish a point?? I trust that's not what you

You are looking at this entirely
> as a user of tools, rather than a creator of tools. 

and i'd hazard a guess that most musicians are users rather than creators
of, tools.

So they set about adapting existing tools to their new purpose or inventing
entirely new tools to meet their needs. These are the restless sorts of
people who are never satisfied with the way
> things are and constantly seek to improve upon it. 

right. well put. seems to me the question still hangs out there as - maybe
you and others' expectations of the "language d'MIDI" were too high, no??

 Different languages tend excel in different areas,
> with different degrees of success. (English is great for business, but
> French is better for romance, say. And the language of the Aborigines in
> Australia is supposedly great for theoretical physics, as well as
> of abstracted dream states, but you wouldn't want to write a contract
> it.)

all great point again. but no one thrashes one language over the other -
they just use what's appropo or  create pig latin or esperanto. It's just a
puzzling thing to me, how many legions of midi-haters there are - when it's
all just an intellectual construct!! perhaps bad experiences as kids, i
dunno. (not referring to anyone here, but the big hair guitar types who
sneer at anything rack shaped..with any jacks not 1/4")

...ahh what am i doing! i guess i'm missing yr point in general - so i'm
gonna bail, and go play some analog, non midi guitar

see ya