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Re: FireWire

There was a buzz around ZIPI a while back, but it may 
have fizzled out too much for resurrection using 1394.

I hear Apple will be adding firewire to its machines
starting early next year. 

Yamaha has a page for mLan: http://www.yamaha.co.jp/tech/1394mLAN/
but it hasn't been updated for a while.
You can also look at www.pavo.com.  Both Yamaha and
Pavo are giving firewire talks at AES in Sept.  I think
they're still trying to iron out the details of the mLan

Also, the MOTU 2408 uses 1394 for connecting their audio
interface box to the mac (through a custom card). It uses
1394 components and transmission technology, but a custom
protocol for communication, reportedly to "handle the
extremely low latencies" required by the 2408.

Michael Pycraft Hughes wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for sending suggestions!
> Out of interest, has anyone started working on a MIDI replacement based
> around FireWire?
> Michael
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