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Re: ProjeKct 2 @ Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA...

> >     ProjecKt 2 w/Fripp, Belew and Gunn was pretty awesome friday night!

Well...looks like I missed meeting Miko and Laurie at P2 concert in SC. 
Alas!  A belated howdy to you!!!

Is anyone else disturbed by Fripp's use of cheesy guitar synth sounds?  I
mean, if *insert studdly keyboardist name here* played the same piano,
organ, and marimba sounds that Fripp used people would say "That sounds
sucks!"  And it does!!!  What is so fascinating about a guitarist playing
crappy keyboard sounds on a guitar?  Okay....obviously this is a personal
pet peeve.  I just don't get it.

Although it was gratifying hearing the much loved Fripp fuzz tone, I left
wondering how they could do this gig night after night.  With 3 extremely
talented and gifted musicians on stage I excepted more than just hallow
wanking.  I kept waiting for the next level.  

Perhaps I'm too much of an idealist.  

People on ET have been raving about "the new vocabulary" P2 is exploring. 
I heard nothing new.  I heard drum sounds straight from ToaPP (Three of a
Perfect Pair's "Industry"), soundscaping from Fripp's many recent solo
discs, and Gunn's noodling ala his solo discs....

Geezzz....what's my problem?????

I think in my own looping I've been searching and struggling for form and
structure in my looping compositions.  I'm tired of improvised
guitar-drones that go nowhere, are lifeless and dead, and brandish the
"Recorded live with no overdubs/Completely improvised" tag. BOOORRRRING.

I was hoping for enlightenment from the masters.  Some clue as to the road
less traveled.


P.S.  That being say, the P2 song directly after the intermission was
*very* cool, erie, and sublime.  How in the heck was Gunn triggering those
vocal samples?  IMO, this song hinted at what this group of musicians are
capable of.