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Re: Phenomenon

Of course we're doing something that people think is scary and dangerous.
All really creative endevors are viewed as bad by the general populous.
Haven't you noticed this before?


On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Woehni wrote:

>   Hi ,
> I have noticed a strange phenomenon that occurs after I have showed my
> Jamman/Vortex setup to fellow guitarists:  They all LOVE it!!  They go: 
> WHERE D`YA GET THAT?".  But the  strange thing is: none of them ever 
>makes any attempt to locate a looping device or check out the technology 
>behind it.  Its like they see me
> looping - think it`s cool- and classify me as an "experimental 
>guitarist" - forget about the
> whole thing - and goes back to practicing double-stops and hammer-ons.
> Are we doing something that most people finds as a nice , but scary and 
> activity?
> Yours , Thomas