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On 12/17/97 Kim Flint said:

>The short answer is, no the echoplex can't be usefully controlled by a DMC
>Ground Control. Despite popular opinion among guitar players, the ground
>control is actually a fairly limited midi controller and not able to send
>appropriate midi commands for the echoplex. There are other pedals which
>work great, the web page describes what to look for. My personal
>recommendation is to pick up a used Digitech PMC-10. I got mine for $100,
>and have been quite happy with it.

 I also picked up an used PMC-10 for $100, about one year ago upon Kim's
reccomendation and I whole heartedly endorse it. I do not use it with an
Echoplex, since I do not own one, but I do use it to control three separate
Jam Men. Currently I've been working with the Expression Pedal part of this
machine to control a Sherman Filterbank. The PMC-10  is deep unit capable
of much more than I'm using it for. Porbably why it did not catch on.


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