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Re: PMC-10

     I too use a PMC-10 and have found it to crash sometimes unexpectedly. 
     More than once I've been recording with others or performing (only 
     once) and had it dump on me. Ouch!!!! I've had it to Digitech a few 
     times and they've been very helpful but not completely successful. 
     It's been quite awhile since I've had a crash... (Fingers crossed).
     That said, I've been hoping to see more sturdy units capable of 
     assigning multiple controllers to one ex-ped or another. And the 
     ability to assign each individual controllers midi channel as well. 
     This gives you the ability to control several midi module real time 
     controllers with a single pedal. 
     Has anyone tried the new Lexicon MXP floor controller? What is it's 
     architecture like? Is it easy to program?

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Subject: PMC-10
Author:  patrick@his.com (Patrick Smith) at INTERNET
Date:    12/17/97 8:40 PM

On 12/17/97 Kim Flint said:

>The short answer is, no the echoplex can't be usefully controlled by a DMC
>Ground Control. Despite popular opinion among guitar players, the ground
>control is actually a fairly limited midi controller and not able to send
>appropriate midi commands for the echoplex. There are other pedals which
>work great, the web page describes what to look for. My personal
>recommendation is to pick up a used Digitech PMC-10. I got mine for $100,
>and have been quite happy with it.

 I also picked up an used PMC-10 for $100, about one year ago upon Kim's
reccomendation and I whole heartedly endorse it. I do not use it with an
Echoplex, since I do not own one, but I do use it to control three separate
Jam Men. Currently I've been working with the Expression Pedal part of this
machine to control a Sherman Filterbank. The PMC-10  is deep unit capable
of much more than I'm using it for. Porbably why it did not catch on.


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