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Re: The 2nd CD project.


>also, I imagine the list of hopeful contributors is much larger than what
>you've got on there. 

I'm also aware that many of you guys are professional musicians - and a CD
like this is going to be of far more use to you than me. If there's space
I'm in, but I don't want to deprive people.  This is just a hobby for me.

>I would like to encourage the diversity aspect, too. If the initial cd's 
>going to be a reflection of Looping and the community of people at 
>Delight, then they should try to reflect the diversity we have here as 
>It would be nice if people listening could hear a track and say "wow, I 
>no idea that people interested in this type of music might be interested 
>using loops."  

Whilst I would tentatively agree with this, I think the tracks on such a CD
would need to be very carefully arranged, or it's going to sound like one
of these promotional hardware CDs ("Here's what a looper can do for
_you_!")  I think that the most important thing is that the CD be
_good_listening_, putting the coherent presentation of the music before