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Re: The 2nd CD project.

>also, I imagine the list of hopeful contributors is much
>larger than what you've got on there.
>I would like to encourage the diversity aspect, too. If the
>initial cd's are going to be a reflection of Looping and the
>community of people at Looper's Delight, then they should try
>to reflect the diversity we have here as well.

It seems to me there are two plausible approaches:

- try to produce a "top-notch" quality "professional" CD,
- try to fit in everyone who wants to contribute.

I think the latter is much more interesting, personally.
Not from the perspective of contributing, but from the
perspective as a listener-who-subscribes-to-this-list.

Now, the above two descriptions are not quite how
people have characterized things far, but I think
it's relatively accurate.  Presumably some people
who might want to share their music with the rest
of loopers' might have trouble producing music of
sufficient quality to fit in the first style.  If
the "problems" are technical, perhaps it could be
forgiven (e.g. mono recordings), although if it's
an issue of musicality, there's not much that can
be done.  (Unlike the "Giant Tracks" example from
Keyboard, one can't go back and "edit" ones loops
very usefully.)

Regardless of which way it goes, I would strongly
recommend and up-front investigation of the added
cost of doing a double-CD.  This would allow both
longer tracks and more participants, in some mix;
increasing the quantity of participants will keep
the cost to each from rising while increasing the
track time will, no doubt, make everyone involved
happier.  (But requiring more sales to recoup the

Sean Barrett
PS: To put this a different way: I'm much more
interested in hearing what everyone is doing
then I am in purchasing a slick "best of".
My personal opinion of course.