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Re: Help me out with the Philly Loop Show!

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997 jspeer@haverford.edu wrote:

> Second, I could use some help with writing brief publicity materials for
> calendar listings and flyers.  How is looped music best described to the
> unfamiliar layman, hopefully in as attractive language as possible?  What
> more might I be able to do or write to rake up some interest from the
> populace?

Be sure to emphasize that it's a live electronic event.  Terms like
ambient, psychedelic, experimental, and interactive can, depending on the
audience, be extremely enticing or horrifically repulsive.  (Not having
heard any of the performers on the bill, they may also be utterly
inapplicable!)  If you've got any sorts of interest-piquing quotes
regarding either the performers or the methodology, that could be another
good approach. 

My own experience with live looping is that it's very easy to get a good
audience reaction, even if the music isn't all that happening, because
it's such an unusual way of making music.  If and when the form becomes
more commonplace, then perhaps the general public will prove less easily
seduced by this approach.  But in a way we're lucky to be working in this
particular era, since there's still a very high novelty value in what we
do.  The trick, of course, is to lure people in in the first place. 

Good luck -- I wish I could make the concert, but a 4,000 mile trek is 
kind of out of the picture right now.