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Help me out with the Philly Loop Show!

Hi Loopers,

I've undertaken to stage a show in Philadelphia of four Looper's Delight
members.  I have a coffeehouse venue lined up for a Saturday in March, and
I'd rather not specify that date yet here until it becomes totally firm. 
Anyway, I'm very excited to be able to put this on, and from the demo tapes
I've received I'm looking forward to a night of especially wonderful music.
 The participants at this time are:

Charles Cohen (solo synth)
Paul Poplawski (trio: Accidents Will Happen)
Paul Mimlitsch (Chapman Stick, with possible percussion)
Patrick Smith (trio: Fingerpaint)

However, I could use some help.  The venue owner has more or less asked me
that this show please draw as well as possible.  My first question for you
guys is simply who would be interested in attending this night as a
spectator?  After all, you are the natural "target audience" for this show.
 I'd like to get an early gauge of interest here, if that is possible.

Second, I could use some help with writing brief publicity materials for
calendar listings and flyers.  How is looped music best described to the
unfamiliar layman, hopefully in as attractive language as possible?  What
more might I be able to do or write to rake up some interest from the

Looking forward to hearing from all!
Jim Speer

My Town: Philadelphia!