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Re: Spawning musical ideas?

So, are you an improviser?

I usually start by creating an "environment" that will hopefully then
inspire me to create a melody. An environment can be a drone, or a
rhythm, or just a series of seemingly random sounds that becomes a
pattern when looped.

I'm a big phony though - I find a note that works well with that
environment, then a second note, then a third note, and by the time
that loops around, it's usually the framework of a melody.

The other thing is to consider the environment you're in. What's the
vibe - are people excited? Relaxed? Is it raining outside? Muggy?
Cold? What sorts of sounds do you want to present people with on that
particular night? Do you want to relax them or shake them up a little?
If I'm not on first, I'll often finding myself modifying my plans
based on what went on before me - whether I want to complement or
contrast with that.

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com

Gmail <k3zz21@gmail.com> went:
> How do you guys start your loop sessions? Where do you get your musical 
> ideas? I often have tons of trouble thinking of any kind of melody or 
> chord progression before actually playing, especially when performing. 
> Its like a consistent mind block that occurs every time. Any tips? BTW I 
> loop on a keyboard connected to my laptop.
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