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RE: questions for loopers

Here's my answers

1) what aspects of looping do you enjoy the most?
Capturing audio for backing tracks
2) what aspects of looping do you enjoy the least?
Error from which I cannot recover, in front of an unsympathetic audience
3) what looping tools (including controllers) do you currently
use/have used in the past?
A) Lexicon Jamman, B) Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro, C) Roland RC-20, D)
Digitech Jamman--controller would be Digitech PMC-10
4) what are the strengths of these tools?
C and D have storage capability, A and B have more control
5) what are the weaknesses of these tools?
See above
6) do you modify a loop once it's been created? if so, how?
Windowing on the EDP mostly
7) how much planning do you do for a particular performance?
8) what form does this planning take? (do you write it down, keep it
in your head, etc)
see above
9) at what level of detail do you plan? (melody, harmony, timbres,
dynamics, instrumental techniques, etc.)
see above
10) describe your general approach to loop performance.
Hope you like it
11) what would the ideal looping system look like? describe it in as
much detail as you can (and don't worry about practical concerns).
Not the guy to ask
12) any additional comments?
Try to have fun