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Re: Anyone using a sequencer?

You wanna buy mine?   ;-)

Dr. T's KCS.. runs on my Atari 1040st...  ah memories...

I currently have an electribe sampler that I use to send midi clock to my moog mp, which spits out cv/midi to my looper and time-based pedals.

I think I need a sequencer though. I need the ability to send various midi notes to my echoplex, as well as send subdivision info to the moog; dotted 8th on delay, quarter note on trem, etc. It would be cool if I could use different drum sampler to trigger different rhythms for my pedals as well.

The mpc line looks ideal, and it can send quite a bit of midi info out. Since it can also function as a sampler, that would be rad, as would sequencing bass lines for my analog synth.

Any suggestions?