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Re: Using Kinect as a Controller

What's the software you're using again?

Space Palette consists of a bunch of programs that talk to each other.  The stuff that talks to the Kinect is a C/C++ program I wrote, based on the Cinder framework and using the libfreenect and OpenCV libraries.  That program sends out OSC (in TUIO format).  The OSC is received by a KeyKit program I wrote that implements the MIDI/musical logic (including the looping).  The OSC can also be received by a program written in Processing (i.e. Java) to generate graphics, so you can use the Palette to paint - for example each frame can be a different color/shape and the size of your brush corresponds to the depth of your hand.  I use Plogue Bidule for the VST host and Omnisphere and Battery 3 for the sounds.  I also wrote a GUI in Python that lets me control the parameters of both the Kinect program and the Keykit program.