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Re: Boomerang III quick review

On Jun 11, 2011, at 4:11 PM, Todd Matthews wrote:

> Yes, thanks for explaining it better than I could Mark. I did know that 
> you can press stack while recording but that involves the tap dancing 
> while your trying to lay down,let's say,  a rhythmically accurate loop. 
> I did have it set for seemless loop boundaries as well because I would 
> always hear this fade in/out otherwise, when playing a bowed string 
> instrument. It was unusable for me without that feature. I also wish the 
> boomerang could be set to loop like this:
>> Rec/Dub --> Recording
>>      Rec/Dub --> Overdubbing
>>      Rec/Dub --> Playing

I think the Boomerang III's multitrack phrase sampler orientation pushes 
it toward having the pedals cycle as Record -> Play -> Stop -> Play -> 
Stop -> ...

It would probably be difficult to explain Record -> Overdub -> Play -> 
Stop -> Play -> Stop -> ... and inserting overdub into the cycle then 
leaves one without a good way to stop the loop.