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Re: Vox Dynamic Looper VDL-1

I promised Vox to have a look at the review before going public,
...and need to finish it.

Indeed I do have one here, intending to use it for gigs where a
big rig is impractical, and it's a mono pa. ( I wanna be like Matt Stevens 
and turn up
5mins before playing :-)

If anyone's really desperate I'll send them the review so far off-list.

..and of course, any questions answered.

Probably most significant things about it are.

NO FEEDBACK Control on loops.
80s max loop time. (90s shared between 2loops)
No loop storage .
Not practical to do a Verse Chorus structure with the 2 loops.
Undo/Redo for full length of loop (for *both* loops independently).
Multiply via resampling feature.

It's a very interesting box.



Todd Matthews wrote:
Here's the first review on Sweetwater:

ta Todd

        aw man...

*by DC from LOS ANGELES, CA 91355
*June 2, 2011
/Music Background: Player of shows./
+ Does all those crazy loop effect things.

- Horrible noise added to signal.

didn't find this, unless overdub was left on for 20+ repeats of the loop

- No loop level control.


- Feels cheap when you hold it.

not to me

- Changing loops requires you hold one of the pedals down with your foot then pivot it 90 degrees. and hit another pedal sideways from it with your heel.

not true, but you do have to hit  2 adjacent switches with one tap