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Re: Vox Dynamic Looper VDL-1

For me the loop effects look most interesting of all the features,
because this is something you can't do using another FX unit
without some kind of resampling.
(To be more precise you can do _Pitch_ but you can't do _Speed_ for example).

The name _loop fx_ seems also quite good as a supplement to the commonly used pre/post fx.
In fact multiply and feedback control could be considered loop fx variants.


On 10.06.2011 15:04, andy butler wrote:

Probably most significant things about it are.

NO FEEDBACK Control on loops.
80s max loop time. (90s shared between 2loops)
No loop storage .
Not practical to do a Verse Chorus structure with the 2 loops.
Undo/Redo for full length of loop (for *both* loops independently).
Multiply via resampling feature.

It's a very interesting box.