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Re: Couple Questions for the Live Veterans

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Todd Matthews wrote:
> What's a good choice for affordable ear monitor system that aren't 
>complete shit, so they at least get the job done. I think I need to move 
>on from the big ass cans on my head. They sound great and work great for 
>tracking but they nearly fall off when I'm moving around a lot.
> What do you guys use for your mailing list? Would it be fine for me to 
>send out upcoming shows emails on my own and just stick all the addresses 
>in the Bcc field while my numbers are low......or is there some great 
>advantage I don't know about for using mail chimp or fan bridge. I 
>checked out those sites but I'm not completely sure I understand the big 
>picture with their services.
> Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom :)
> Todd Matthews
   I use the Sony system that goes for around $400=$500 and I have a 
suggestion that will save you a lot of money.
But the best sound ear plugs you can buy and DON'T buy the Sony's that 
they recommend.    I've heard that JVC has
very good iPod styled earphones for around $75 but  I don't know the 
model.     Any full range earphones will do, however,
and the fidelity will blow your mind compared to typical in house 
monitor systems.

Also,   I finally brokedown and started using Facebook to send out 
announcements,  because my fan list became bigger there than
my email list and I don't have to maintain it.      Used to use MySpace 
but it became so inundated with music spam that everyone stopped
using it as Facebook took over.      Soon, the same thing will happen to 
FaceBook, I'm sure.

Also, in using Outlook Express on a PC for e-mail lists,   I just 
discovered that I could send out a list as long as it's under 45 people,
So I just started alphabetizing my lists in groups of 45 or less.     
You make a group of 45 people and then I just number them
and then send them out about 7 lists at a time.........if one name gets 
typed wrong, however,  it will stop the whole list and you have
to go find it, so it's a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain.

I migrated my lists to Thunderbird on my MacBook Pro but it doesn't seem 
to work on that program, unfortunately.

best of luck,
rick walker