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Re: Re: livelooping article for guitar magazine...

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, andy butler wrote:
> Not saying that he isn't, I'm not that familiar with his work.
> ...but to make a point surely it's desirable to list his
> innovations.
> andy 
That is a hard one to put into words,  Andy.
I think he is more innovative, musically speaking than technologically 

In other words, someone like Andre LaFosse has been innovative by using 
the EDP in ways
that had not been done before,   whereas,   every time I"ve seen Bill 
playing in a looping context,
he makes music I've never heard before.    I think of him as incredibly 
innovative and exceptionally
creative and he's one of the rare musicians in the world who just 
doesn't seem to repeat himself much.

rick walker