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Re: does anyone really use Softstep?

Louie Angulo wrote:
> Which makes us just wining morons;-)
> Luis

I reckon there's 2 sides to this.

Essentially us loopers are looking towards small
companies to develop new tools.
We also want them to modify those tools after
release to suit our needs.

We're going to have to have patience if we want
that to happen. 
If there's teething troubles with a product,
then that's to be expected.
Large companies have the budget to do extensive
testing on their products, and they also 
decide the feature set before development,
which makes testing *a lot* easier. That's
where we get the idea that a new product is going to be
perfect from day one.

The other side is that some small companies could
sometimes do a bit more to recognise this situation,
recognise the skills of their user base and
not try to behave like large companies.
Where small companies are open, and are
prepared to engage users as equals there's
hardly any whingeing and whining.

andy butler
ps and when a large company releases a product that doesn't
work...I dunnow....let's just slag 'em off :-)