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Re: Foot controller for a dream looper

I'm for hire! QA and UI design skills. 

But I'm a "midiot." (Dislexic... midi fries my brain. I seriously think 
I'd do better with pictographs.) 

It's mostly the not working as advertised thing I'm upset with. Please 
take my "fuck that" as less anger and more a calling out of that 

Love you guys!

On Mar 21, 2011, at 12:09 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

> *On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Christopher Darrow wrote:*
>> *Fuck that. (Not aimed at you Daniel, I understand and respect the 
>spirit of your post, I only mean that...) I'm so tired of technology 
>under performing, half-baked "solutions" with bull-shit editor/librarian 
>software that excuses itself for POOR UI design under the FALSE notion 
>that ease-of-use /must/ be (/entirely/) thrown out the window to retain 
>complexity-of-function. *
>> *
>> *
>> *The original poster (aka the sophisticated looper)  must make his/her 
>own only until $1000 pedals like the LG get their editors in order AND 
>software DAW's/Hosts / Looping Plugins work past the billions of 
>aggravating glitches that hold us back from realizing our dreams. *
>> *
>> *
>> *I, for one, am pissed at this point.*
> One by one, the designers of digital looping gear have been dissatisfied 
>with the gear that exists and, one by one,
> they have put a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into coming 
>up with a better mouse
> trap.
> One by one, they have all taken lots of criticism by musicians who don't 
>design the gear.
> That's all good because it contributes more knowledge and new ways of 
>thinking about designing
> new gear for the masses.
> I've only had the pleasure of watching two people through years of this 
>process but I'm blown away how much time, dedication and software they 
>have put into it all.   I'm in awe of them and their amazing skill sets.
> If you are pissed, Christopher, at what's out there,  perhaps you should 
>consider designing what you think should exist yourself and then go to 
>the trouble to put it out to the market place.
> From watching the process of some of our communities' designers,   I 
>imagine that it might
> engender some humility to mix with your frustration and subsequent anger.
> Yours,   Rick Walker,   who also gets frustrated by what doesn't exist a 
>fair amount of the time