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Re: Foot controller for a dream looper

You couldn't have expressed my sentiments any better. Especially since I 
just stopped rehearsing now after the audio glitched out in the middle of 
a song. Ahhhhhhhhhhh     :)
There's nothing better to break up your focus and productivity........ 
back to troubleshootin' mode.
On Mar 21, 2011, at 2:28 PM, mark francombe wrote:
> Theres really not that much difference between hardware and software,
> Hardware has broken/dodgy cables
> Software has drivers/settings
> both have a learning curve
> both never quite do what you want them to do
> both do many things you dont need/want them to do
> both frustrate the shit outa you
> both give you wonderful uplifting wow moments
> and...
> both need a fucking footpedal....
> shiiiit
> Mark