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Re: bidule users - live usage & "presets"

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 3:55 AM, james fowler <twostroke@gmail.com> wrote:
> sorry for the quasi-off-topic query, but for what it's worth i have 
> instances of edpx running in most of my layouts.
> in bidule i use "layouts" like presets: each has a distinct set of vsts,
> routings, mixers/mixes, etc.  unfortunately, there's no way to call 
>these up
> via midi (so says seb at plogue), so this kinda sucks as i really don't 
> to be fucking with the computer during a live situation.  i need to be 
> to call up a preset via midi...just like you would on an effects box, 
> module, etc.  how are we achieving this?

Use the Bidule object called Audio Switcher. Cable your audio input
device into the Audio Switcher's audio input and cable out from each
output tag to a full "session" of yours. Each of those output tags
correspond per default to a MIDI Program Change number, so depending
on what PC you send in from your pedalboard (cable your MIDI Device
into the Audio Switcher's MIDI input tag) your input audio will be
routed through one of the alternative sessions (by the tags).Now, in
order to have all objects not in used being turned off, to spare CPU
power, you should go into the global Parameters window and link all
object's Mode to the Audio Switcher tag they're getting their signal
from. Inside the Parameters window there will be a hell of a lot of
objects so be kind to yourself and start naming each object to
indicate which sessions/effect chain it belongs to.

Here is an example of the Audio Switcher linking in the Parameters window:

Source: Audio Swiicher_1, Processing Mode Output 1.
Target: Chorus_1, Mode.

Source: Audio Swiicher_1, Processing Mode Output 2.
Target: Delay_2, Mode.

...etc, etc.

There is a very useful custom Group for reverb tail preservation when
switching between huge patches from the Audio Switcher. It should be
downloadable somewhere on the Bidule forum, a guy once built it for me
after a discussion on the topic. I can send it over by private email
or file transfer too.

Best wishes
Per Boysen