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Re: windows on Mac

antonyhequet@yahoo.com wrote:
> I know some of you run windows on a Mac. I have a couple of questions:
> - what is the cheapest way to get a version of windows to install on a 
> Mac Book Pro?


If you're in EU, then ebay for legal OEM edition
from decommissioned machine.

> - what is the best windows version to install?

depends on your definition of best..
...but not Vista ;-)

> I plan to use windows run some editors for some synths and pedals I have.

Those should have docs to tell you what you need.
There's no advantage in getting a later version than that,
and beware that drivers may not be available for later editions of win.

Probably you're looking at XP SP2 either Home or Pro
edition. (there's no advantage using Pro, which is
usually more expensive, but no disadvantage either).


> Antony Hequet