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Re: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators

Hi Mark et all
I didn't had theb time to try it yet but perhaps worth a look?
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Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 11:29
Subject: RE: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators

I have 3 things I would qualify as Midi Loopers of sorts

MPC 500
Korg Electribe ESX
Flame Six In A Row.

The MPC I have read in the manual can be set in a loop of sorts, recieving midi notes from a controller to any of its 48 tracks record the notes input from the controller  and then play them back in real time wile more notes are added to this or another track. plus you have all that MPC sampling functionality.... not tried it though, I just use it for speech samples.

ESX this has , i think , stolen the "first love " crown from the EDP for me, I have never used such a fun unit in my work and it has changed me in the same way that the EDP did 10 years ago. You can use an external controller as described above to control the external sound source OR  to give note data to either of the 2 availiable "keyboard" sample tracks available onboard or you can use its onboard keys to input notes or even more fun the scailic arpegiator  (think mini KoPro)  the only issue in this and other midi loopers is that if you accidentally overwrite  the note on message at the loop boundry you just get akward silence for that step, so always remove your finger from the controller JUST before the loop point.I also use this to midi loop drum parts.
(I believe the EMX can be used like this but with 5 keyboard type parts.)

Six In A Row. This is a boutique midi looper of the scaled variety kind of a Hybrid of the tenori on  / monome and KoPro concepts. it has a grid of lit rubber buttons, you pick a scale and a key and the grid lights move ot show you the placement of root notes and "removes" the wrong notes. you can then jam up to 4 bar phrases  on either of two loop slots  plus a separate drum track ... each can be set for individual midi channels , I use mine with an old MU-7 its ace.

From: eterogenus@gmail.com
Subject: Re: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 20:45:36 +0100
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

I don't have any experience with the  kaossilator, but I own a Kaoss Pad II since 2004, so my experience with this kind of products is just related to the KPII.

I have always expounded on this list that I am dreaming of a "Midi Looper". With all the functions of an EDP, but.. not audio based. Reasons? Cos the thing about a synth loop (pre-programmed) is that it can still be tweaked, either by hand, or by LFO sweep
/modulation routings.

I do routinely "audio loop" my synths. (a doepfer modular system, a Korg MS2000 and the trusty GR30 guitar synth) but for "synth lines" Ive always pre-programmed them, either via the onboard modulation sequencer of the Korg, or a variety of analog sequencers I have for the modular (the best being called, weirdly "Mobius")

The Korg is VERY tweakable, so a relatively standard patch can easily be quickly manipulated to "fit in" with the current improvisation.

But theres my problem / wish.


So to be able to improvise the synth loop notes.

So, to the questions:

The Kaosilator PRO.
How is it to play..?
Is it a proper "Instrument"
Can I play it, and get what I imagine.. or is it basicaly random (within a key and scale)???
KPII has synth sounds too, but not very useful for me. Yes, you play within a key (don't know if the Kaossilator Pro allow to switch key and scale..., better checking the manual), but the fact is that IT is like playing a theremin. And it is good in that department, if you are looking to that kind of sounds, but have to say that it's not allow you to really play melodies...
So it's not a "proper instrument", IMO, neither really "random".

Supposing I have some guitar loops going .. and I imagine a growly distorted acid bass to pop in for 3 notes, then silent for 4 bars.. then loop...
Can I quickly loop a little string section,
OR, can I hear a Xylophone in my head, and within a few seconds, select a patch, and add some twinkles?

And Tech questions..
How is it at following midi clock?
Better checking the manual here and see what it really allow to do.
My KP sends midi clock out, but it can't work as master clock: it just sends out midi messages (PCs and CCs), ALL using the same MIDI channel.

When used as a controller for another synth, is all information sent on 2 axis?
Can I map X to pitch on an external synth (Im thinking my Korg) and the Y to filter cutoff on the external synth? (If my external synth allows this.. which I dont know.. have to find the manual.)
Again: better checking the manual(s) !
KP sends information on Y and X axis, but do you need to address those info trough different midi channels or the same  ?
Do you want to get control over different machines ?

Is the midi loop on the Kaosilator SENT out the midi out, making it a midi sequncer/looper for an external synth..
And finally,
Whats the on-board audio loopers like?
Don't really know about those features, sorry.

Just a question: why the Kaossilator and not the last Kaoss Pad version (4, maybe) which seems to me a more "complete" tool ? I think it can work like a synth too.



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Red Sound Federation synched Multi effects
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Boss Dr Groove 202 (with built in 2 track sequencer)
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(or swap for a Kaosilator Pro of course...)



Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe